Franchising is The New Century Business

At Bliss House we believe  that its becoming clear that "franchising” is bound to become the business of the new century and thus for the interested party  to find the right franchise (to fit your needs) is hard work because there are so many issues to consider, choice to make, and question to ask.

There are many factors involved in determining the appropriate terms and conditions under which we (the franchisor) would grant you the franchise.

These factors include, the (political) economic situation in the country where the franchise is being operated; the market demand for the product and services; the size and characteristic of the potential market place; and last but not least, feasibility and payback period for the parties involved.

Our comprehensive training based on our bliss house "operator-friendly” concept and our extensive management training programs provide s the ongoing guidance for the franchise personnel. In turn we prepare you to manage and operate a bliss house restaurant and provide you with the best support at all times. 

At bliss house we have built our international-pan Arab policy is based on defining the roles and responsibilities of both franchisee and franchisor.

Our role as franchisor is to provide the system, the operating manuals, the training, assist in the opening of the outlet, and follow up on a monthly basis to check that our standards are well implemented and respected.


At bliss house we believe that all costs are an important and vital component of any franchise package. The cost involved in acquiring a bliss house franchise is based on the territory of the master franchise and the number of outlets being granted.