The History

Established in 1978, Bliss House saw the need to launch strategic operations right across the main gate of the American University of Beirut (AUB) campus and serve students, faculty and staff with delicious fresh juices and home made soft ice cream.

Our Story

Word spread quickly and soon, the clientele expanded to include AUB’s faculty and staff and the university’s visitors. Bliss House became the landmark it is today through maintaining quick, courteous service and delicious servings. In 1982, the family-owned business recognized the need to introduce innovations in line with the changing tastes of its clientele.

Bliss House’s concepts did not fall out of the sky and are the result of continuous research and development. Bliss House then pioneered the principles of cocktail juices such as the Churchill or the Tahiti, creating a unique taste at a time when competition was still trying to solve the riddle behind Bliss House’s success. After exhaustive research, trials and testing, Bliss House developed a combination of cocktail juices, mixing the fresh exotic fruits with the local ones and topping them with its own recipe of ice cream, creating a dazzling array of drinks that created a sensation around the country.

Despite many copycats, to date no one has been able to duplicate the distinctive taste, style and high nutritional value of Bliss House Juices and Cocktails. In 1985, Bliss House diversified its business services with the concept of Barbecue and Grill in tandem with its juice and cocktail points of sales and suddenly a new niche of satisfied customers started orbiting around the new magnetic formula. Here once again, Bliss House resorted to sampling its eclectic food until it refined its menu into a concept that covers international foods and cultures creatively mixed with locally made sauces to maintain the local panache.

Today Bliss House loyal clients eat in or take out at our restaurant-snack outlets and enjoy the Mexican Fajita, the American Philadelphia, and the Italian Polo Pesto together next to the Lebanese Shish Kebabs, all together on one deliciously nutritious menu. So, do come and visit Bliss House and experience a taste you will always remember . Look for a grand opening of a new branch of Bliss House in your area soon.